Find opportunities to read throughout the day

Reading while mama showers

Make the content of books the topic of conversation
Use screen time to enhance reading experience





How we read throughout the day

Reading before bedtime is great, but reading more often is even better. We have some great tips on incorporating reading into your child’s day and making reading exciting and fun. What’s more it is the perfect antidote to a child who is addicted to screens. Read more

Improving speech and language through reading

The best way to improve a child’s vocabulary through reading is to explain the meanings of new words, discuss the text and the images and to talk about the book whenever you encounter something related to the book as you go about your day long after reading the book.

Connecting books with screen time

Books allow the child to imagine what they read, or is read to them, and develops their language skills, but there are some things that are best experienced and seen, for example a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This is where BoB (Best of Both traditional books and modern technology) comes in. We have created play lists with videos related to books, and all you have to do is to click on a play list and let your child watch the videos and rest assured, the content is educational.


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