No cost,  “match the prints activity” using the Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue


What you need:

  • Images of a model wearing a printed outfit –   I used a Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue that you can request here
  • ‘Close up’ images of several prints
  • Pair of scissors



My objective was to boost his visual discrimination skills through an activity that matched  ‘close up’ images of the prints with images of a model wearing printed outfits.

How to do it

While I cut out the images and the little squares with the close ups of the prints, I gave my son a pair of toddler friendly scissors and strips of paper to cut, so he felt happy sitting beside me doing some ‘work‘.

The closeup images of the prints appeared in uniform squares on the same page as the model so it required little effort to cut out the images of the models and the squares and lay it out.

He was happy to pick the right ‘image’ to match the outfit and sharpening his ‘visual discrimination’ skills along the way. By spending time using a pair of scissor himself, he was also practicing a very useful and practical skill.

The end result of the activity!

Hope you find it useful and easy enough to do! Let me know your thoughts on this one, and if you’ve done something similar, please leave a comment.



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