Taayoo Murray 

Founder & Managing Director

Making Me Happen – private coaching and  workshops targeting youth

What her business does

I provide private coaching and workshops for young persons between ages 12 – 23 years. The primary focus of the program is to help youth develop healthy habits thus building good character, through conscious goal setting.

Her business journey and how she arrived at the business idea and started her own business

I have always been very concerned and troubled about the prevalence of children and teens today who seem to lack focus, drive and sense of self. I then took a job as a fundraiser for a major non-profit, where I was taught the importance of goal setting and systematically working towards achieving my goals.That was my eureka moment. If I used these same principles in parenting my sons, they would learn to set their own goals and be able to take the necessary steps towards achieving them. I would have people compliment and ask me all the time, how do you raise two boys in NYC to be so self- assured and confident? How do you get them to be so focused? The voice started whispering again, “what you know you have to share”- and the “Making Me Happen” program was born.

What she finds most rewarding about having her own business

The most rewarding aspect of having my own business is spending time doing what I’m really passionate about, something I genuinely love.

How she approaches being a mum and an entrepreneur

I have the advantage of my job being linked to youth, so I can incorporate my sons. I set boundaries by having specific time for the boys like movie night, ‘date nights’ with them, sports activities and so on. I plan my business activities around these and not the other way around. Certain activities are non-negotiable for rescheduling like movie night and sports activities.

The biggest challenges she has faced in her business

My biggest challenge was settling on my niche/target audience. Do I target parents or children? Defining how to structure my message posed an initial challenge for me.

How she overcame those challenges

After consulting with many experts, they helped me to properly define my product, so I was able to subsequently identify my target audience.

What do you celebrate as accomplishments in your business?

Personally for me, the publishing of a workbook to accompany/support the program, is a big accomplishment.

Advice to mums considering entrepreneurship

Ask questions, get advice, find a mentor and persevere.

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