Natalie Gurr  


Allowing kids to have fun outdoors and make mud pies in a contained space

Natalie Gurr
What her business does

Creates contained, beautifully crafted and practical areas for children to play with mud. Each product is hand made to order.

Her business journey and how she arrived at the business ideas and started her own businesses

I’ve been a nanny for the last 20 years and after a few too many incidents with mud and snails in saucepans I asked Joel my partner to design and make a safe and practical space for children in my care to make mud pies; so Mud Kitchen was born. My ambition for Mud Kitchen is simple- I want to inspire children and give them the opportunity to have fun with nature; every child should at some point make a mud pie. I would love Mud Kitchen to provide that space in every garden alongside the swing and the playhouse; I want our Mud Kitchen to be a garden staple. Today’s childhood is often technologically intensive, with children spending all of their free time sat in front of screens. Research has shown that there are numerous benefits to mud play so I really believe in the ethos behind our kitchens- who doesn’t want happier and healthier children?!

What she finds most rewarding about having her own businesses

I always love the feedback and action photos from our customers. Having your own business can be truly exhausting as you’re always working but designing new products and seeing the business grow is both exciting and rewarding.

How she approaches being a mum and an entrepreneur

If I’m honest with great difficulty! We are a mum and dad team so one of us is always working on something – Joel is in his work shop a lot!

The biggest challenges she has faced in her business
Learning to be a jack of all trades- from sales to design to social media, customer service, production, sourcing products and accounting! As a new small business Joel and I are pretty much responsible for everything at the moment.
How she overcame those challenges

By hard work and sheer determination! Things are slowly moving in the right direction so hopefully we’ll be in a position to get other people on board to help.

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