Lino & Luka: Tea for Two

Andrew Francis & Bjorn Rambags

Illustrated by Bart Van Der Kraan



“You’re taught about team work and respecting differences and you don’t even know it’s a lesson because it is so cleverly written.”


On an island in the sea, two adorable bears named Lino and Luka are drinking tea and this beautiful scene summons the reader to a relaxed and serene setting. You are taken on an adventure to discover magical berries and the merry lives of the bears. Along the way you observe that the two bears are in fact very different and that their differences are useful in achieving their common goal of drinking tea with honey, everyday. It is a simple tale but one that is captivating and will have you reading over and over again. The language is simple and written in rhyme and the delightful illustrations are a perfect complement to the book.

For every book that is purchased, Lino and Luka are committed to donating a book to one of their partner organisations focusing on children, their current partners are Chestnut Tree House, The Childhood Trust and Naomi House and Jack’s Space

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A free copy of the book was sent for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are mine and haven’t been influenced by the author.


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