A packable mesh tunnel Feeding Cup with necessary food for the caterpillars
Voucher for 3-5 live caterpillars

You can buy it from the following websites:

The price is approximately GBP 20

My son was 3 years old when we bought it for him and he enjoyed the experience. My recommendation would be for kids over 2.5 years.

This is a fabulous gift for children as it provides a unique and memorable experience. It brings to life¬† ‘metamorphosis’ and in my opinion the best way to teach it.

Our Experience

A few days after purchasing online, we received a mesh tunnel, nutrients/food and a chrysalis station along with instructions that were easy to read and understand.

The caterpillars were a delight to watch each day, and to observe the visible changes.

Caterpillars eating their food

Observing Caterpillars

The instructions state that we mustn’t grow caterpillars if we are planning to travel anywhere, but an unexpected trip came up and we had no choice but to carry the chrysalis on a 4 hour trip in the car, keep them with us in our bedroom and bring them back in an even longer car ride with a detour of one night in another city. The good news is that they survived and demonstrated their resilience and fighting spirit. I would advise you to keep them at home unless you have to because in their natural habitat they would be stationary.

After the beautiful butterflies emerged, we left fruit for them to eat and delighted in their presence in our living room for a few days before releasing them into our garden and beyond, where they belong.

butterflies resting on a flower







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