Mamabuys Review:The Goula Tangram by Gifts for Little Hands

  • 28 pieces of colourful shapes made of wood and 6 printed sheets with images of shapes.
  • They are light weight and a good size for little hands to hold.
  • The box is useful to store all the pieces and to easily pack into a suitcase for a trip.


It is great for kids 2 years and above and is very versatile. You can start with identifying colours, shapes and counting, and move onto creating images, first by following a template, then an image and finally creating figures of their choice.
The Goula Tangram is a beautiful and well made toy for children two years and above. It promotes problem solving, teaches the basics of geometry, and supports creative thinking. Reasonably priced and with multiple educational benefits, the Tangram is a wonderful product that I highly recommend.
Our experience using the Goula Tangram

We love puzzles, but the Tangram is much more versatile than the traditional ones as it lets you play with it in many different ways. It is colourful and attractive to kids, made of wood and is eco-friendly, and comes with a storage box that is light enough to travel with so overall it is a great toy to have. Sorting colours is a simple yet effective use of the toy for a very young child. My son loved the Tangram from the moment he saw it because it presented him with the exciting possibility of creating something although at first he was uncertain of the concept behind it. The lovely bright colours, and the well made wooden pieces made it fun for him to hold and move around. In his first attempt he couldn’t follow the printed image and create a shape by himself. So I drew a template so that he could identify the correct shapes and place the pieces on it. I would suggest this intermediary step for kids who might struggle with it at first, but soon they will pick up the concept. This game requires a lot of thinking, problem solving, logic, and creativity on their part which is fabulous. Teaching them the basics of geometry, they get to understand how different shapes combine to make figures.       The house, boat and the tree were his favorite figures to create. The feeling of accomplishment after they have completed a shape boosts their confidence.  I found that although he struggles mid-way through it, he feels so proud of himself for having completed a shape. It was a game that I enjoyed playing with him and I would suggest it as an option when his grandparents visit as well.

Early Years Skills

Find out how you can develop your child’s skills with this toy

Explain the concept of the puzzle, talk about the images on the printed sheets and about the shapes that are used. Answer their questions appropriately.

Picking up and moving the puzzle pieces develops fine motor skills

If at first they struggle find strategies to simply the activity and play along side them to complete a shape. Gradually let them do more of it while you watch and offer praise when your child completes the activity and encourage them to try new and different ways of playing with the puzzle.

Talk about the different shapes in the puzzle and how they fit together to make a larger figure. Encourage the child to sort the pieces based on colour, shape and size. Use the pieces to practice counting when taking them in and out of the box, count the number of pieces of a certain shape used in a figure, and the number of pieces of a particular used in a figure.
Let the child explore the puzzle on his/her own and create something of their own choice. They can use their imagination to build familiar objects or a beautiful figure similar to what they do with a box of paints and paper.
About Gift for Little Hands
Neera Sharma is the CEO and Founder of Gifts for Little Hands. The company has a special emphasis on matching developmental milestones to children’s products to support parents who are looking for meaningful and educational toys.

A Goula Tangram was sent to us in exchange for a review by Gifts for Little Hands. All thoughts are our own.

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