The puzzle comes with a wooden frame and 9 wooden blocks. With dimensions of 20x20x8cm it is a nice size for little hands and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is light weight so it can be easily carried about.

It is great for children between 3-5 years. My son just turned 3 and finds it quite challenging but is still keen to try. The choice of images is appealing to 3 year olds and can be attempted with help from an adult.

The Goula 4-in-1 farm cubic puzzle is a high quality toy that offers a good challenge to kids; it is well designed, compact and stimulating. It goes beyond a regular puzzle as the child has to choose from between 4 images on 4 sides of each cube. This eco-friendly toy supports fine motor development and problem solving so it is highly recommended.

Our experience using the Goula Farm Cubic Puzzle

My son is fascinated by “the farm” and all animals so from the outset he was curious to explore this new puzzle. The beautiful images and attractive colours on the puzzle scored high in his eyes, and as a parent who is conscious of the environment I love that it is a wooden toy and is compact in design.

For a toddler who just turned three, it was rather challenging to create the images at once on the frame, so we started off by laying the cubes flat before putting them on the frame. When we create the cow puzzle, we spoke about fore legs and the hind legs, the udder and that a cow is a mammal, the cow’s tail swatting flies and the adorable bell. The simple and distinctive colours on the image are great to point out as well.


This farm scene is great to encourage your child to speak about the image and its contents. The colors, the animals,the house and the tractor can be spoken about in relation to the position of each other.

The cute farm animals are great to talk about as well. You can count all the animals in the image, count the legs of each of them, speak about the differences among the animals (birds/mammals) and their different colours. And finally you can speak about their position on the image as you build.

Finally here is a quick video of how it looks!

Early Years Skills

Find out how you can develop your child’s skills with this toy

This puzzle is different to the traditional puzzles so explaining “how it works” and answering questions promotes understanding.

Each of the cubes has a part of a scene/image printed on it so the child has to carefully look at all of the sides before deciding which side belongs to the puzzle. Then the pieces have to be correctly inserted into the frame.

Solving the puzzle is a challenge that may take several attempts, or even days on their own. Be sure to praise their effort however big or small their achievement is so they feel encouraged to keep trying and reaching bigger goals.

Four different pictures are made of 9 small cubes, so putting the puzzle together is one challenge. But within the puzzles,they can learn about the different sizes of the wheels on the tractor, the spots on the cow, and their positions in relation to one another.

There are many opportunities to practice counting with this puzzle; from counting the legs of the animals to the number of animals on a picture to the number of wheels on the tractor pay attention to the picture so you can sharpen your child’s mathematical skills as well.

About Gift for Little Hands

Neera Sharma is the CEO and Founder of Gifts for Little Hands. The company has a special emphasis on matching developmental milestones to children’s products to support parents who are looking for meaningful and educational toys.

A Goula Farm 4-in-1 cubic puzzle was sent to us in exchange for a review by Gifts for Little Hands. All thoughts are our own.

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