Ellie Rae Discovers Eight Ways to be SMART by Mary R. Massey


A book about Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

“Massey’s contribution through this book goes beyond offering a ‘children’s book’ for entertainment,  it touches the very core of a child’s existence and purpose in life.” Mamabuys

This is more than just a children’s book, it offers a lens through which children could look at themselves and their peers with a sense of purpose and awe. As the main character, Ellie Rae discovers, all her friends contribute to a simple ball game with their unique abilities, driving home the the concept of Harvard Professor Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Massey cleverly shows how multiple intelligences are evident even in an everyday setting such as a  playing field through the character of Ellie Rae and her friends, a context all children can easily relate to and understand. This book is great for all children – for those who feel they are smart, and for those who don’t as it demonstrates that being smart isn’t limited to linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence and that there are many other intelligences a person can possess. To quote Massey from her book “ I am SMART! I am SMART in my own special way!” is such a powerful line and can potentially change the lives of children by empowering and motivating them  to discover their interests and talents. This wonderful book can easily be used as a spring board to initiate conversations on what a child is good at instead of focusing on a child’s limitations and to also look beyond their test scores.

Additional Notes

  • The language in the book is easy to understand and the story is simple yet carries a profound message. The author’s effort to create an inclusive picture through images of children in wheelchairs is appreciated.


  • The book is the first in a series of books that the author is in the process of writing that will expand on each of the intelligences identified by Howard Gardner.




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A free copy of the book was sent for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are mine and haven’t been influenced by the author.

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  1. Nancy Cullity

    I have the first book and I love it. I wish I had it when my children were little. I think it would have shown them how special and unique every child is.


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