Who we are

We are a site helping parents find high quality children’s products and experiences. As a mum and an education professional, our owner and founder reviews products and experiences to inform parents about products in the market as well provide tips on the best ways to use them. We want to showcase a variety of different products and to help small businesses in a special way. Stay tuned for details of our exciting future plans.

What we love

We are willing to work with all companies that have high quality products for children, but pay special attention to those with

  • Eco-friendly and educational toys
  • Products made of natural and organic ingredients
  • Companies with a social cause
Meet the Mama-in-Chief
Hello!I have been working in the charity sector for a number of years, and I recently quit my full time job to fulfill my dream of being an social entrepreneur. I have a Master of Education degree from Harvard University so I am combining my knowledge with my experience as a mum to drive the ideas behind this site

I’m a mama and playmate to a wonderful blessing who is 3 years old and who trains me in all things ‘toddler’! I live in Surrey, UK with my amazing husband who is a medical doctor with an interest in sports and exercise medicine and our son. You can follow me at “the_stories_of_a_mama” on instagram to be updated on my life as a mama.

Hope you enjoy the site!

The story of mamabuys

After becoming a mum and doing full time work in the charity sector, I was looking to create a work opportunity for myself that is flexible, fulfilling, challenging and has a social purpose. So I came up with Mamabuys.

At the beginning I had an idea and then some, but I was hesitant not knowing if it would amount to anything and if I could do it.

Then came Nayanee Silva of Smarter Lives who acts as my business coach. Weekly calls with her gave me the confidence, support and direction I needed to launch this site. With every call, I moved closer to my goal with feedback on my ideas, gentle nudges to be on track, practical help with technology that I didn’t know much about and overall support. She being a mum of two boys is always understanding of my need for flexibility with scheduling calls and accomplishing my work which I really appreciate. I also love listening to her stories of her journey as a mum of two accomplished boys and an entrepreneur.

My knowledge of coding is non existent but I discovered tools that make building a website as easy as dragging and dropping elements to suit my need. So I taught myself to build this site and I want to encourage anyone who feels ‘technologically challenged’ like I am, to let go off your fears and embrace the  easily customisable, visual website builders that are available.

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